Little Audrey Media Policy

  1. By boarding the Little Audrey (in any capacity whatsoever), you agree to comply with this Media Policy.
  2. This Media Policy applies to all Little Audrey employees, contractors, charterers, and any other third party onboard the Little Audrey and forms part of the terms and conditions which govern the relationship between Little Audrey’s owner, Little Audrey Luxury Charters Pty Limited (LALC) and any party which boards the Little Audrey.
  3. Any media in any form, including, without limitation, any photograph, video, recording:
    1. created onboard the Little Audrey;
    2. featuring the Little Audrey;
    3. that makes reference to the Little Audrey,

(collectively, the Little Audrey Media), is the sole property of LALC.

  1. The Little Audrey Media must not be used, distributed, published, broadcast, posted or uploaded, whether online or otherwise, by any person except for that person’s own personal, non-commercial purposes without the prior written consent of LALC which may be withheld in LALC’s absolute discretion. Commercial purposes include any use made of the Little Audrey Media in circumstances where a commercial benefit, including income, endorsement, advertising or sponsorship, results directly or indirectly from such use.
  2. All persons on board the Little Audrey consent to LALC making its own film, photographs or other recordings of such persons and any activities and conversations occurring on board the Little Audrey (LALC Media). LALC may use or exploit the Little Audrey Media and the LALC Media in any way in which LALC in its discretion sees fit, including by assigning or licensing rights in the Little Audrey Media to third parties.
  3. If this Media Policy is breached in anyway:
    1. LALC reserves the right to terminate immediately the relationship between Little Audrey and the partyies who has/have breached this Media Policy;
    2. The person or persons involved in the breach agree to indemnify LALC for any loss or damage arising from any claims made by third parties against LALC in relation to the use of the LALC Media or the Little Audrey Media, including claims that the use of that material infringes the rights of third parties.
  4. LALC may take further action for any damages suffered by Little Audrey and/or LALC as a result of any breach of this Media Policy.